Course Syllabus

Up and Running (3 hour, online)

Transitioning to teaching from a distance

During this online workshop, experienced educators will learn to prioritize their efforts in connecting with their students from a distance. The transition to the online classroom can be overwhelming for both teacher and student, but this workshop helps take the initial shock to a manageable level. During this 3 hour workshop, you'll learn from experienced online educators how to quickly establish communications, maintain a rapport, and engage students to maximize the success of the transition to online learning.


Participants will be able to:

  • Establish positive communications with all students in order to maintain the student teacher connection.
  • Engage students in their education from a distance.  
  • Share educational information with students and parents from a central location.
  • Use personalized communication to assess individual student well being as needed. 
  • Describe ways to provide self-care for themselves in order not to get overwhelmed.

Course Information

This course was created by Jennifer Fribush, Coordinator for Professional Development at the Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative.   She can be emailed at   This course is free for use for educators.  

Course Summary:

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